Kanatan-sui® is a liquefied high-performance activated charcoal,
absorbing 255 noxious substances and promoting the plan’s growth.

Kantan-sui® is capable of absorbing allelopathic agents which are derived from residual organisms and pesticides and roots. It has been proven to be able to absorb 255 noxious substances from pesticides, herbicides and repellents.

You can choose from bigger bottles (2L)
which cover as large a space as 6.6m2
and smaller bottles (550ml) for 2m2.


Ingredients: water, high-performance activated charcoal. Notes upon the use: This product is made from 100% natural materials / No pesticides or fertilizers used / The high-performance activated charcoal functions as absorbent and enhances the soil condition / Absorbent effect lasts for 3 to 4 years and prevents replant failure / Purified soil will be a better environment for microorganisms.

How the activated charcoal works

There are a lot of
tiny holes on
the charcoal.

The holes catch
very tightly residual
pesticides and organisms.

It absorbs 255 noxious substances.
It is proven to be able to absorb 255 noxious substances from pesticides, herbicides and repellents.

The long-lasting effect


As the activated
charcoal has a lot of holes,
the surface area is vast.

The total amount
of surface areas
of the activated charcoal
in a 2 liter bottle
is larger than 600
tennis courts.

It is even larger
than Tokyo Dome.
The large surface area
means a long working term.

The effects last for a long time.

It takes 3-4 years that all the holes are used.

The 3 major functions (of Kantan-sui®)

成長UP! 収穫UP!

To absorb substances
that constrict growth

To absorb excessive
residual organisms

To absorb residual
pesticides, herbicides,
and repellents

Kantan-sui® absorbs noxious substances
that constrict plant’s healthy growth.

Making an ideal soil condition

The activated charcoal
is not only able to
absorb noxious substances.

As the activated charcoal absorbs excessive residual organisms,
it keeps the ideal soil condition in which diverse organisms can live.

Without any additional and adventive organisms,
the activated charcoal creates the ideal condition for indigenous organisms,

not distorting the original environment.